Rod Burton preorder discount! GnomeZ! Brains!

It has taken quite a while, but today I can finally announce that the our second zombie lawn gnome is finally done and ready to be produced! The first batch will be ready to be shipped on May 6th. Until then he is available as discounted pre-order deal (First come, first served).

Let me introduce you to: Mr. Rod Burton. Formerly respected carpenter.


The fact that his beard, along with half of his face, is missing, sure isn’t his only problem…


Oh, a shiny new button?! Click it!


That brings us directly to more news. The GnomeZ page finally has more than just a “under construction” text to offer. I will add more in-depth info, some looks behind the scenes and  other fun stuff in the near future, but for now it’ll give you at least a brief hint of what’s going on. Just follow this link and see for yourself!

Some might be wondering about the official GnomeZ page over at
Unfortunately it’s still under construction, but we’ll do our best to get everything up and running again ASAP.

Until then, Happy Easter and don’t forget to tell your friends about GnomeZ! Well, actually you can tell everyone, not only your friends. Tell a random stranger. Tell your cat. Spread the word: Brain is the new Black!