Galactic Scum Society!

Attention, citizens of planet earth!

As some already might have noticed we have a new guy in the online shop, Burnin’ Rubber! A little journey into the world of resin toys. Obviously this is quite a change of scene when compared to my usual work, but what the hell, why not.

“In the year 2133 a marauding group of psychotic scumbags, known as “Galactic Scum Society” or “GASS“,  ascends from the outskirts of our galaxy. They only have one thing in mind: Bringing us chaos and destruction just for the fun of it! They came for the bang, but they’ll stay for the big KABOOM!”

The feedback so far has been stunning and I’ll definitely make this project a full series. Actually I can barely wait to show you the other characters, but that’ll have to wait a few more days (maybe next week though).

Some of you already asked how limited they’ll be. So far the plan is to cast as many as the first mould will allow (probably 30-40), but if there’s enough demand I’ll probably do more.

IMG_4416So far there are two standard editions available in the shop, a red-black-silver version and a blank ivory version for you to either paint or to keep as it is. Also there are two one of a kind customs for you to check out.

Last, but not least, a big thanks to Niall from Man-E-Toys for featuring Burnin Rubber on his blog! Go check it out if you want to see the latest and greatest custom art toy news!
— End of transmission (for today…) —