Website Relaunch & Cthulhu’s Pencils Fhtagn!

Hey Guys!

It’s been pretty quiet here for a while (Halloween, wow…),  sorry about that. Every second day I said to myself “You have to bring the website back today and write something before people start asking where your rotten corpse is buried.“. But then work gets in the way, aliens invade your home, you’re just too tired and/or you simply forget about it. I know. I promise to improve. There’s no particular plan yet as far as the blog goes, but I won’t disappear again with any kind of notice. Promised!

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Anyway, I’ve been quite busy with several OOAK projects and will upload some pics as soon as I can. One thing that’s not a one of a kind though is this nifty little tool-cup. Being a huge Lovecraft fan (well, who isn’t…?) I originally sculpted this for myself, but surprisingly a lot of people asked me to sell them a copy. I agreed, but I frankly didn’t expect to sell more than 3 or 4. Obviously I was bloody damn wrong and basically spent a week on nothing but casting, painting and shipping Cthulhu cups. That being said – thanks again for the great feedback and all the support from my friends that actually made it happen in the first place.

The first (and probably only) run is limited to 20 pieces – right now there are only 2 cups left so if you want one of them (or both) simply use the contact form above or send an email to . The prepainted cups are € 15,00 + shipping each. They’re cast in high quality polyurethane resin and come with foam rubber on the bottom (inside). Yes, I really hate the sound of pens or tools hitting a hard surface in a cup! So there we have it – silenced tool cups!

That’s it for today – thanks for stopping by and take care!

– Daniel

Oh and: Believe it or not, the dragon is finally finished. Check out the gallery!

Update: Series 1 is completely sold out, but the good news is: Due to the high number of requests there will be a second edition with a black-purple wash very soon. First pictures should be ready in a day or two so make sure to come back and have a look!