Fhtagn! Series 2

Since the cup got mentioned on Propnomicon (thanks, Oakree!) I really can’t get around casting a second series, so here it is: Black-purple inkwash and engraved consecutive numbering at the bottom. Let me know if you want one too.

(Sorry for the bad photo, I’ll try to get one with less flash highlights.)


Good news, everyone! Since a lot of people asked me if I could get them a cup with the original green inkwash or a completely different color, here’s the deal: The black-purple ones are still available for
€ 15,00, but you can get it in any other inkwashed color you want for € 17,00. At least as long as I have that color somewhere, but I should have pretty much every color in my shelf. Just tell me what color you want and I’ll mix that up just for your cup. How does that sound?

Update 2:

The second edition sold out in a matter of days, so that’s it for now. A new run will require new molds, but if there’s enough interest I’ll make new ones. Just email me and I’ll put you on the list.