Bookends, Barnacles and Backpacks

Again the “soon” mutated into something that’s probably more a kind of bastard child from “when it’s done” and “gnah, not today“. So what do we (possibly) learn from that? Post your stuff before have to post everything at once a few months later. Or something like that.

Unfortunately I’m in a bit of a hurry as I’m moving to Berlin in 3 days and I haven’t really started packing yet. So let’s keep this short and sweet:

Two unique commissioned bookends with lasercut brass parts that I sculpted around christmas have been added to the gallery. Check them out right here! 

Barnacle Ceiling Lamp!
It was just one of these rainy days we all know. Where you wake up and the first logical thought (right after “where’s the coffee?“, “where are my cigarettes?” and some unspeakable manimal-noises) is “Why didn’t anyone build a working Half-Life Barnacle ceiling lamp yet?

So instead of packing I just built this thing. End of the story.

Well, not exactly. Over the past days there’s been an incredible interest in this thing. Friends, deviantArt, reddit, gaming magazines, networks, you name it.

The most common question seems to be: “Where can I buy one?” And while there won’t really be a “place” to buy them, there’ll definitely be a very (very) limited run of OOAK Barnacle ceiling lamps. At this point it hasn’t been decided yet how limited “limited” is, but we’re probably talking about 5 pieces (or actually 4 since one of them has already turned into a commission). I’ll have more information on that when I’m in the new apartment/workshop.

You can check out the original prototype right here in the gallery!

Future stuff!
The two big things I announced (How-To videos and the huge, secret Lovecraft/Cthulhu project) are still in the works and everything’s coming together nicely so far. Just a little more patience… I think it’ll be worth it 🙂