New Website is live!

I wasn’t sure I’d ever see this day, but after almost one year the new website is finally live! (Yay!)

I hope you like the new design and will stay a moment to browse around. If you find any bugs I might have missed even after going through everything endlessly, please let me know in the comments or drop me an email. (Some of the old blog posts are missing their images, but I’ll take care of that soon.)

Since the last update (which feels like a decade ago) a lot of interesting projects and new releases have happened. I’ll try to catch up on some of these news briefly. Better late then never I guess!

So, what’s next?

First of all I’m working on the article about the Cthulhu Altar. That’s just a matter of one or two days, so go check it out later this weekend!

Secondly there are some lovely new items on their way to the Etsy store. More about that tomorrow…

And last but not least, I’m currently working on a completely new, more detailed version of the Barnacle. A limited run of these nasty suckers will be available soon, so if you weren’t able to get one of the five original ones, there’s a good chance you might score one now.

Yep, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates this weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Edit: I should probably mention that the mobile version is still under construction and while the website will work fine on small phone screens it’ll look kind of awkward, so please use a normal computer screen for now 😉