Your own personal Barnacle horror

First, let me thank all of you wonderful people once more. During the past weeks (while I was unfortunately busy moving to Berlin) I received so much positive feedback and requests, I can hardly believe it. I’m doing my best to answer every email and comment.

Now to finally get to the most asked question:
“How can I get one and how much will it cost?”

There’ll  be a total of 5 unique, hand crafted Barnacle ceiling lamps. Each one will be numbered and signed and you can decide what color scheme and how many lamp sockets yours should have.
This isn’t really a profit thing, but considering every lamp needs 30+ hours of work, needs quite a lot of material and I need to pay the rent like everyone else, every piece will have a fair price of  € 375,00 plus shipping.
Payment will be possible through Paypal, international money order or simply cash (if you’re somewhere near Berlin).

Update: All 5 have been sold and are now decorating a new home. Again – thank you all for the great support!

Also – if you’re more the crafty DIY kind of guy (or gal) – there’ll be a making-of video of one of the Barnacle lamps soon.

You can check out the other photos of the lamp right here in the gallery.