Cthulyou, Cthulme, Cthuleveryone

Wow, it’s been a long time since the last post again! I have so many new things to announce, old things to point out and whatnot, but I’ll make it short today and will add more blah blah in a few days instead.

Unfortunately I still haven’t found the time to finish editing the Barnacle Lamp video, but everything’s filmed and sooner or later the rest will be completed as well.

Now for the most important news in this post:
The famous Cthulhu Pencil- & Dice-Cup gets it’s revival with a improved, new design, a proper paintjob and higher quality production! 

The cups are strictly limited to 100 pieces and have a beautiful antique bronze finish to bring out all the desired evilness.

You’ll find all the features, pictures and infos on how to purchase one right here:

Cthulhu’s Pencils Fhtagn!





More great announcements coming soon! Until then: Thanks for visiting and try not to summon too many unspeakable horrors.