Another year, another update

First off: A happy and healthy new year to you guys out there! Obviously a bit late, but there’s been just too much stuff going on recently. So instead of boring the hell out of you let me give you a quick roundup of all the great news:

TTS Online Shop
Aside from several minor layout changes the best news about the website is that the Teptec Studios online shop is finally up and running. For now you’ll find the same stuff there that’s also available on Etsy, but it’ll help keeping things a bit more organized for me. If you have a spare second consider paying it a visit. In the future it will also feature garage kits, one of a kind items and unexpected horrors from the dark side of my brain.

GnomeZ – Brain Is The New Black!
GnomeZ is an exciting joint venture with my awesome friends Nene and Philipp (and many other unbelievably awesome people like my ridiculously talented brother Tim!) that unfolds around the universe of garden gnomes… undead garden gnomes! While a lot of zombie stuff these days only focusses on flesh eating monsters we’ll go deeper. What do those not-so-dead abominations want? Where do they come from? What happened in the the flamingo mines? Was Romero right when he used zombies as a metaphor for modern society? And aren’t we all just zombies in our own litte garden?

While we try to find answers to these questions, have a look at the first, tiny step in this great adventure: Mr. Todd Grumble (click to read more). An undead garden gnome like many of us. Wondering what happend to morals and good old worths… and trying to keep those damn teenage brats of his lawn!

IMG_8651_eOf course this is just a tiny glimpse at what we’re up to and there’s more stuff happening all the time, including our second gnome and other stuff that will be announced in a time not so far away.

To get the latest updates on the project, make sure to visit the GnomeZ Facebook page and of course the official GnomeZ website. A lot of content is obviously still in the making, but it should only be a matter of days until everything’s fired up!

(Depending on when you read this, you might also find that the “GnomeZ” page at the top is still lacking any content… I’m working on that.)

Since I’m already at it I also wanted to thank all the wonderful people and clients who actually make all this possible in the first place. I was able to work on a lot of challenging and inspiring commissions in 2012 that really helped me to improve my work and to discover new paths. The response on the new Cthulhu cups was tremendous as well and I’m more than glad it found so many fans. Thank you!