If you can imagine it, we can sculpt it – if you can’t imagine it we’ll do that for you and then sculpt it.

Traditional, digital, clay, pixels, wax, cheese – tell us about your project and we’ll find the best way to make it come to life. Wether it’s full scale creatures for movies, gory prosthetics, masks, art toys, props, maquettes or a unique gift for your loved one, everything is possible.

Moldmaking & Casting

We’re specialised in mouldmaking and pressure-casting resin for small runs of 10-100 pieces.

Wether you’re looking for a small run of your own art toy or just a handful of copies of your sculpture as mass production masters, we’ll take care of the whole process. From the first mould to casting exact copies to painting and even packaging.


With a FDM printer for larger objects and a SLA printer for extreme detail in house we are able to quickly and cost-efficiently take care of most of your printing needs.

Sculpture prototypes for production, props, parts for mixed media projects, architectural models, you name it.